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When I was a child, I remember staring at the photos in our family  album and looking at every little detail that was captured in the photograph. The colors, the way the light touches the faces of the people in it, the clothing and hairstyles made the moment captured look unique and different from the present. That is what sparked my interest for photography! I have always enjoyed capturing the everyday moments that make our life wonderful. Whether I'm capturing the connection between a mother and a child, a baby's laugh or the love between a couple, it is always a gratifying experience to work with my clients and not only preserve their memories, but also get to know them in the process.

To this day, I still feel this indescribable feeling of excitement and satisfaction, when pressing the shutter of my camera. Life passes by so fast, that freezing a moment in a photograph for future generations to see, is a real gift!

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-Maria Figueroa